Type 1 Diabetes

Tacticool Diabetes

Let the diabetes preps begin! Type 1 diabetics need to have their insulin supplies with them at all times. They set up pretty well before we left the hospital – insulin, pen injectors, blood glucose meter, and emergency supplies. They put it all in a pretty cool little lunch-box sized pack – pink camo, no less. It goes everywhere Ginger goes now. Not good enough. After all, one is none.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a busy week – that tends to happen when you discover that your kid is a diabetic. I started a long post about this, with all the gory details – the ambulance rides, the ER, pediatric ICU (pro tip: if you ever have occasion to be in a PICU, keep your eyes fixed forward and do not look into the rooms unless you have a heart of stone. You have been […]