white zombie van

As many of you may know, I work from home as often as possible. My office is above the garage, and we keep the space minimally conditioned, mainly because we’re too cheap to pay for the oil. So I run an electric heater, which is nice because my office gets toasty, but bad because I can’t hear what’s going on in the rest of the house. Come to think of it, the latter is both a good AND bad thing… […]

south plot plowed

Saturday was just gorgeous, and having been cooped up in what at times sounded like a consumptive ward for the better part of the last two weeks as my family battled the flu, I had to get some outdoor time. The sun was actually somewhat brutal, but felt so nice, even though it was only in the 50s. I even brought the onion seedlings out for a little sunbath. I think they liked it. After lunch, I decided to start […]