DIY Hose Manifolds and Splitters

Water. It’s critical to everything. But it’s especially important to my garden and orchard. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about transporting water from a house spigot to the end of a hose. In the case of hose, you absolutely get what you pay for. To get to the bottom of my orchard I need to transport water over 300’ – I know a thing or two about hoses. Permanent underground irrigation down to the orchard is on my […]

Going to a Dark Place

I normally try to concentrate on positive things at APB, as opposed to rants about what’s wrong with the world, or outrageous news stories about the latest abridgment of liberty somewhere in this country. These thing are important, insofar as they inform my preparedness efforts, but I don’t want to use this space to rehash those issues. I try to stay focused on “Turning fear into self-reliance and personal freedom.” But that’s not to say that I don’t think about […]

About a year ago, I decided to get a real manual backup for my submersible well pump. I had fiddled around with a homemade thing, just a sump pump foot valve on the end of a string of PVC pipes connected with threaded fittings. The idea is to take the well cap off, stick the string down into the well, and push up and down until water starts coming out. It works, but it’s quite a workout, and all you […]

I gave my new Wayne 12V Transfer Pump a field trial a few days ago. Here’s a peek: In general, it seems like a solid unit. The suction strainer is a little on the plastic-crap side, but it seems like it will probably hold up OK. The pump itself is pretty solid, and quite heavy for the size. The pump head is a beefy looking plated bronze fixture with sturdy fittings. A nice touch is that they add a kit […]

I made an exciting find on my lower lot the other day: I’ve always wanted to dig a shallow well. Something about it just seems cool – developing water resources with nothing but a pick and shovel; lining the well with loose-fit bricks; having a hand pump at the ready to bring up a few gallons for irrigation. There’s something old-fashioned and romantic about wells. But I never knew if it would be worth the effort, especially up my hill […]