Plugging Holes

We’ve had a lot of power outages lately. Looking back at my generator run records – yep, I’m that guy – I can see we’ve had one outage a month for the last three months. Every time it’s that same dodgy cutout fuse that blows, and leaves us in the dark for three hours or so. I don’t consider that a good reliability record, so I’ve started the futile process of complaining about it. I called the power company, and […]

Severe Thunderstorm? What Severe Thunderstorm?

I knew we were going to get storms today. Even if Wunderground hadn’t predicted them, our dog Gambit is infallible at predicting thunderstorms – if there’s a clap of thunder anywhere east of the Mississippi, he takes shelter behind the toilet in the powder room. My hero. Still, it was a bit of a surprise to hear the first rumbles and realize I hadn’t heard a peep out of the weather radio all day. Usually there’s a watch posted, which […]

Curse You, Red Baron!

We had yet another violation of our sovereignty the other night, of the four-footed variety. My daughter burst into our bedroom at 1:44 AM to announce that the chickens were making alarm sounds. For those not blessed with chickens, they make a lot of different sounds, but the alarm noise is unmistakable – it sounds like panic and primal fear, which of course it is. It means, “Something is trying to eat me! Come help!” Luckily, my daughter and son […]

On Sunday morning I took a walk up into the woods. I kept hearing a strange sound – like a swarm of angry bees somewhere off in the distance. My first thought was, “Cool! Free wild honey!” But then I realized the sound was more mechanical in nature, and I began to realize that I was hearing a quadcopter buzzing through the woods.

As I went to bed last night just before midnight, my thoughts were of finally leaving this seemingly months-long February behind. In mere minutes, I would be safely delivered into the caring bosom of March, and leave this awful winter behind, climatologically if not astronomically. The only trick left was to make it safely through the night and wake up on the right side of the dirt in the morning. It was a close call.

A Driveway Gate at Last

A decade ago, when we were building this house, my dearest wish was to have a gate on my driveway. I don’t know why – maybe it was just my latent paranoia talking to me. OK, maybe it’s not that latent. I finally decided to start work on the long-delayed project this weekend. Brother Harold stopped by to pitch in on the roughest part of the project – the digging. As I may have mentioned once or twice, we have […]

We had a little security breach on the property today. This time, the driveway alarm was of no use in alerting us, and we actually may have some remedial measures to take. For those who don’t know, our property abuts a modest-sized state park. It’s not a developed park – no bathing areas or concession stands, just a small, rapidly degrading parking lot and a few miles of blazed but largely unmaintained trails. Still, lots of people use the park, […]