Paranoid Parrot Comes Home

Of all the things a normal person doesn’t want to see when coming home after being out for some errands without the kids, a police cruiser in the driveway is pretty much up there on the list. Imagine what it was like for Mr. Paranoid when that was what happened last night. To be fair, we don’t really have a normal driveway layout. We’re 800′ off the road, and it’s not like the cruiser was sitting up at the garage door with […]

“Daddy, I was cleaning my room, and I found a bunch of targets we never used!” In the history of the human race, no better sentence has ever been uttered by a teenage girl to her father. Ponder the enormity of that for a second… Thus began our little trip to the range last week. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve shot, and I was really feeling the need to get some trigger time. Brother Harold suggested the trip, and […]

Plugging Holes

We’ve had a lot of power outages lately. Looking back at my generator run records – yep, I’m that guy – I can see we’ve had one outage a month for the last three months. Every time it’s that same dodgy cutout fuse that blows, and leaves us in the dark for three hours or so. I don’t consider that a good reliability record, so I’ve started the futile process of complaining about it. I called the power company, and […]

Severe Thunderstorm? What Severe Thunderstorm?

I knew we were going to get storms today. Even if Wunderground hadn’t predicted them, our dog Gambit is infallible at predicting thunderstorms – if there’s a clap of thunder anywhere east of the Mississippi, he takes shelter behind the toilet in the powder room. My hero. Still, it was a bit of a surprise to hear the first rumbles and realize I hadn’t heard a peep out of the weather radio all day. Usually there’s a watch posted, which […]

"Hey, is the back door locked?"

Well, technically, yes. But… As I was trying to get out the door this morning to pick up the Sunday papers and buttermilk for Mrs. P’s special semi-Paleo almond flour pancakes, I noticed that my house key was not on my key ring. I puzzled over that for a second, then remembered that we took a family hike yesterday in the state forest near our house. Not wanting to carry my whole key ring, I liberated the house key and […]

Better Sight Lines

Say, is there someone at the driveway gate? Oops! No way to tell. Perhaps that’s not such a good thing for a security minded fellow like me. In fact, Brother Harold stopped by yesterday, and the only way I knew he was there was the loud exhaust on his truck. So I headed out there today with implements of destruction and improved my sight lines: The cover was mostly staghorn sumac and small birch saplings, with enough wild grape vines […]