Corps of Discovery 2013

It's 106 Miles to Chicago

Literally. I couldn’t have planned the first night’s stop better. And it’s dark, but I’m not wearing sunglasses, and the gas tank is empty. We’re staying in Elkhart, Indiana. We covered 799.9 miles from our driveway, by far the farthest I’ve driven in a single day. In fact, I remember being amazed at having driven a thousand miles in a single week during senior year of high school Central Pennsylvania was cool – mountains rimming valleys dotted with little farms. […]

After a year of planning, plotting, discussing and deciding, our on-again, off-again family trip to Idaho finally came off. We spent the last two weeks on a driving tour of America, a lifelong dream of mine, and managed to see almost all of the American Redoubt. The goal of the trip was simple: is the West a place that we can live? We’ve been dreaming of moving to Idaho for some time now, to escape the crowding, the expense, the […]