Product Reviews

I had a blow-out kit review performed by a “professional”. My cousin is a 1st Lieutenant in the Army, a trained combat medic, and a civilian paramedic with over 25 years of experience in one of the busiest metro areas in the country. Amongst other great conversation, I threw him my blow-out kit off my chest rig and asked for an honest assessment. Here is his candid feedback.

Fuel Fail and Recovery

We had a stretch of glorious weather going there for a while – sunny, warm, breezy. Perfect spring weather, and perfect for long-deferred outdoor work. Rainy and cold now – it was nice while it lasted. While it was nice, I decided to finish harvesting a tree I felled back before the snow flew. On Saturday I fired up the tractor and started loading the bucket with the tools of the woodsman’s trade. I broke out my chainsaw and as […]

We had a cold snap awhile back, and it caused some problems around the homestead. One was a cracked fuel line on my tractor, which necessitated draining the fuel from the tank. Unfortunately, the drain pan I used was a bit grungy, and snow melting off the tractor further contaminated the fuel. At $4.25 a gallon, I wasn’t inclined to just throw away 2 gallons of fuel, but it was dirty as sin. What to do?

(Not So) Quik Clot

I sharpened Mrs. P’s chef’s knife the other day. Tonight, the knife fought back and gave her a good nick on the thumb while she was carving up a roast chicken for dinner. Some direct pressure with a hastily grabbed paper towel after a quick rinse with soap and water to get rid of the worst of the chicken grease, and she sat down while we took over the dinner chores.

Review: DR Rapid Fire Wood Splitter

A guest post from Uncle Buck sharing his experiences with his new DR Rapid Fire wood splitter – APB A couple of years ago we decided to heat primarily with an “alternate” fuel.  A fuel that wouldn’t send our hard earned FRN’s into the pockets of people overseas that might not have the best of intentions for us here in the west.  We decided on wood.  Pellet stoves are great.  Good ones are easy, automatic, and clean to run.  And […]

About a year ago, I decided to get a real manual backup for my submersible well pump. I had fiddled around with a homemade thing, just a sump pump foot valve on the end of a string of PVC pipes connected with threaded fittings. The idea is to take the well cap off, stick the string down into the well, and push up and down until water starts coming out. It works, but it’s quite a workout, and all you […]