No, not my potatoes. They did fine this year. I’ve got about 170 pounds so far, with another full row of Kennebecs to harvest. I should clear 200 pounds, which is pretty amazing to me. But my thoughts drifted as I was lifting spuds last week, as they usually do when drudgery is afoot. I began pondering the irony of what I was doing. The only reason I’m alive today is because of potatoes, both because this simple food sustained […]

Things I Learned in a Hole in the Ground

I once had a major project in the works to build a greenhouse for the homestead. For various reasons, the project needed to be canceled, but I recently found the notes I made at the time on lessons learned from the experience. I figured they might be interesting here and now, and they might also provide a little perspective about where my preparedness thinking was four years ago compared to where it is today. –APB I’ve been planning a greenhouse […]

I finally got my replacement laptop charger – thought for sure I’d paid the $3.99 extra to get it here on Monday, but alas. Lesson learned – I need a backup plan for my laptop. It’s getting on in years – it was released in 2009 – and I’ve already had to deal with one hard drive crash and replacement. Plus it was only a $400 machine in the first place. Time to move up. A few things that I […]

Don't Think Different

I seem normal to me. Well, maybe “normal” is a little too strong a word. But I’m at least reasonable, I think. But apparently that’s not how the world sees me. Case in point: a couple of days ago, Mrs. P and I took our daughter for her first follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist after her onset of diabetes. As usual with doctor appointments, we talk about what we want to accomplish – questions we need answered, prescriptions we need […]

Unmarked Wagner #12 Skillet

This weekend was an epic weekend. I went to three estate sales and hit big on all of them. That’s very rare for me. I usually have to go to 10 crappy sales for every one like today. First up a Griswold “Deep Fat Fryer”, circa 1950s. I paid $20 for it, but it’s absolutely mint and could fetch $40 or more in ePay…if my wife let’s me sell it.  She seems to dig it. This one doesn’t even need […]

You’ll notice some changes to APB in the coming weeks as I retool the look and feel of the blog a bit. I was never really satisfied with the Word Press theme I chose, but it was close enough to what I wanted and I figured I could modify it later. Never got to it, but I finally decided it was time when the light-on-dark layout got to be too much for my aging eyes. I’m doing all the work […]

“Daddy, the dishwasher is making an awful grinding sound,” said my daughter yesterday afternoon. Great. There goes the gardening I had planned for after work, I thought. I headed down to the kitchen to check it out. Yep, that’s a pretty awful sound. Something caught in the pump, perhaps? Only one way to find out. I’ve always been a DIY type of guy. I used to work in a TV repair shop – do those even exist anymore? – and […]

On Sunday morning I took a walk up into the woods. I kept hearing a strange sound – like a swarm of angry bees somewhere off in the distance. My first thought was, “Cool! Free wild honey!” But then I realized the sound was more mechanical in nature, and I began to realize that I was hearing a quadcopter buzzing through the woods.

Out in the Yard

I love having a yard. Wherever we end up, I hope we have an even bigger, better yard than I have right now. Of course, I don’t mean the typical American suburban yard, with iridescent Chem-Lawn grass, bag after bag of dyed mulch, buried irrigation lines, and a few artfully arranged Bradford pears. No, my lawn is not my yard, and truth be told, my lawn looks like something a real estate agent would have a cow over. My yard […]