Ever since I got the news that the frame on my truck was going to be replaced, I’ve had the idea kicking around my head that I should take the opportunity to add a vehicle to our fleet that can actually hold all of us. We’re a family of five, and the kids have been jammed three across in the back seat of Mrs. P’s 4Runner since the day Ginger came home from the hospital.

I recently got a comment on the About page from a new reader. She made the escape from the east to northern Idaho back in the 70s, and as I wrote to her about that common bond, I was struck by the degree to which I feel like I’m at an inflection point in my family’s journey to personal freedom.

Modern Witchcraft!

Last night as I lay trying to get to sleep, I heard my oldest daughter Grace (I’ve code named her Blair before, but trust me – Grace is funnier) come into the room. Mrs. P was still up reading, and through the haze of almost sleep, I heard Grace reporting that she burned herself with the hot glue gun. Now, this is like the fourth time Grace has burned herself with that liquid lava dispenser. I’m not sure what it […]

falling tree damage

And all I wanted to do was get to bed early. As usual, big mistake. Something always happens when I make a conscious effort to get to bed early. Usually the dog barks, or something messes with the chickens. Or, like last night, a tree falls on the house. There’s no mistaking the sound of a couple of tons of tree hitting the ground, and when it hits your house too, it’s pretty damn scary. The wind was howling last […]

Not My Sunflowers!

Masked bandits raided my stash of drying sunflower heads last night. Luckily they were caught on tape: I had about 10 huge, ripe sunflower heads drying in a washtub on the porch – it gets really warm when the sun hits it in the afternoon. I figured I’d dried them down, roast and salt them, and have snacks for the winter. But this pair of raccoons helped themselves last night, and now I’m reluctant to use them. I know the […]

Mendel Wins Again

Warning: Excessively geeky science content ahead. I harvested all of this year’s corn crop a couple of weeks back, and it’s been drying down ever since. I chose Carol Deppe’s “Cascade Ruby-Gold” again, because I need me some more this. It’s a lovely corn that the casual observer would look at and say, “Nice Indian corn,” and shellac a few ears for hanging on the front door. Thankfully, I know better. The ears tend strongly to one solid color, unlike […]