A Better Firewood Bucking Stand

Processing firewood sometimes seems to be a never ending activity around our homestead. It really is a year-round process, but the crunch time is in the spring as we get the next season’s wood felled, bucked, split and stacked. I’ve been looking for ways to improve the process, and I made a change this weekend that I really think is going to pay huge dividends.┬áIn short, I built a better bucking station. This is the way I used to buck […]

Last Frost Date

When I worked out my planting schedule this year, I figured on a last frost date of May 15. Looks like I called it almost exactly right. The Weather Service has issued a frost warning for our area tonight. We’ve had a stretch of warm, dry weather, and I’m sure a lot of people got tender young plants in the ground over the last two weekends. I was sorely tempted to plant some tomatoes this weekend, but opted out when […]

Woodchips Galore!

As I mentioned previously, I bought myself a wood chipper. I finally got a chance to try it out on Sunday, and I was amazed by the results. Here are the results of a mere 90 minute’s work. I did some measurements and estimate that I got a yard and a half of chips. As confirmation of my math, I gave the measurements to my kids and told them to calculate the volume as an extra-duty homeschool assignment. They confirmed […]

My Fuel Swap Program

One of the weakest spots in my preps is the limited supply of fuels I keep stocked. The main fuel hog in my preps is the generator. I have lots of other reasons to hate my generator, noise being the main one, but the rate at which it sucks down the fuel is a real problem, and keeping enough on hand to run it for a decent length of time is a challenge. As much as I hate the generator, […]

Firewood fail

I completely failed on firewood this year. OK, maybe it wasn’t a complete failure. We made it all the way to March on the wood I put up during the year. And to be fair to myself, I was mostly out of commission from August to November recovering from major surgery. Without the valiant efforts of my fellow MAG members, I would have been totally hosed. As it was, I still ran into problems. We’ve been heating with wood for […]