How NOT to Prep with Propane

The local Agway was having a great propane sale this past weekend – refills for only $10.99. I had an empty tank waiting for just such an opportunity, so off I went on Saturday morning. Turns out a lot of people had the same idea. When I got in the propane line, there were three people in front of me, each with a tank or two. Except for one lady – she had 12 empty tanks in the back of […]

Fuel Fail and Recovery

We had a stretch of glorious weather going there for a while – sunny, warm, breezy. Perfect spring weather, and perfect for long-deferred outdoor work. Rainy and cold now – it was nice while it lasted. While it was nice, I decided to finish harvesting a tree I felled back before the snow flew. On Saturday I fired up the tractor and started loading the bucket with the tools of the woodsman’s trade. I broke out my chainsaw and as […]