1 + 2 = 1

I had a dramatic and disappointing illustration of the law of diminishing returns this weekend. It’s wood-butchering time on the homestead – actually, it’s well past the time that I should have been putting up next year’s firewood, but the woodlot was snowed in until only comparatively recently. I’m sure there’s still a snow pile lurking around here somewhere.

Now what?

Looks like I’ve got a project for the next few weekends: After five seasons of burning nothing but wood I’ve harvested from my property, I finally broke down and bought firewood. But in a “go big or go home” bid, I made it a 5 cord bundle of logs. Unseasoned, true, but at $100 a cord, it’s quite a bargain. There’s still a lot of work to do – bucking, splitting, stacking – but I figure I saved myself a lot […]

The Indispensible Machete

If you were to come to me and say, “I’ve taken away all you homestead tools. You can have one tool back. Which would it be?” Hands down, I’d choose my machete. Then, I’d kick your ass and get back the rest of my stuff. Who do you think you are, anyway? Stop messing with my stuff. I stumbled upon the machete as my main woodlot tool by accident – literally. While we were building our house, I tripped over something while […]

Happiness Is a Full Wood Shed

Compared to last year, I feel like I’m way ahead of the game in terms of firewood this year. Having scored a spectacular failure in trying a new system for storing firewood last year, I went back to my tried and true, if somewhat labor intensive, system this year. As a result, I managed to get almost 5 cords of mixed hardwood harvested, seasoned and stored for the 2013-2014 season, well before actually needing any of it.

Review: DR Rapid Fire Wood Splitter

A guest post from Uncle Buck sharing his experiences with his new DR Rapid Fire wood splitter – APB A couple of years ago we decided to heat primarily with an “alternate” fuel.  A fuel that wouldn’t send our hard earned FRN’s into the pockets of people overseas that might not have the best of intentions for us here in the west.  We decided on wood.  Pellet stoves are great.  Good ones are easy, automatic, and clean to run.  And […]