Just Add Water

I woke up at 4:00 AM today, thanks to Gambit the World’s Smartest Dog. My son made the mistake of attempting a furtive trip to the bathroom, which set Gambit to growling. Like he’s never seen the lad before. I think he’s hard of seeing – the dog, that is.

A Good Generator Made Better

When my daughter Ginger had her Type 1 diabetes onset last March, one of the first preps I put in place was getting a backup to our backup generator. Insulin is life, and the supply must be protected at all costs, and since insulin must be kept cold, refrigeration is crucial. I can’t allow any single points of failure in my insulin supply and delivery system, so we have multiple stashes of insulin in multiple fridges with multiple sources of […]

1 + 2 = 1

I had a dramatic and disappointing illustration of the law of diminishing returns this weekend. It’s wood-butchering time on the homestead – actually, it’s well past the time that I should have been putting up next year’s firewood, but the woodlot was snowed in until only comparatively recently. I’m sure there’s still a snow pile lurking around here somewhere.

Adventures in HVAC

It all started so simply. Cold night, cold house, and my office is as far from the wood stove as anything can be and still be in the house. I needed to burn some dead dinosaurs to take the edge off the office before the sun came up and warmed it a bit. But even after the customary minute or two for the warm air to start, I was getting nothing but a cold breeze from the register. Hmmm… We […]