Tacticool Diabetes

Let the diabetes preps begin! Type 1 diabetics need to have their insulin supplies with them at all times. They set up pretty well before we left the hospital – insulin, pen injectors, blood glucose meter, and emergency supplies. They put it all in a pretty cool little lunch-box sized pack – pink camo, no less. It goes everywhere Ginger goes now. Not good enough. After all, one is none.

Bug-out Buckets, Part 2

In Part One of this post, I covered the rationale behind my idea for bug-out buckets. Briefly, these are buckets for personal supplies that might be needed in a forced, rapid evacuation of the house. The canonical scenario is a house fire – middle of the night, out into the cold with the shirt on your back and nothing else. Each family member gets a bucket stocked with warm clothes, shoes, and lighting, and the buckets will be stored in […]

Bug-out bags are probably the first project most preppers work on. Conventional wisdom in our community tells us that we need to have a BOB ready to go, at arm’s length, and containing all you’d need to survive for three days. Meh. I never bothered. Sure, that first Christmas after our awakening saw us stuff three red backpacks, one for each kid, full of bug-out items – glow sticks, knife, fire-starting supplies, space blankets, hand warmers, and the favorite Christmas […]

Generator Hack

Being the first weekend of the month, today was generator maintenance day. The usual monthly procedure is to haul the genny out, run it under load for 20 minutes or so, and put it away. I also take the opportunity to do my monthly gas swap procedure to keep my supply fresh. I’m pretty good about the monthly maintenance, but I’ve been a little lax on the longer interval stuff. I’ve been overdue for an oil change for a while, […]

Blow-out Kit - First Attempt

After my recent fight with my chainsaw, which thankfully I won, I decided that I shouldn’t participate in any potentially limb-severing homestead activities until properly equipped for self rescue. Brother Harold and I took a rescue course some months back where we learned the proper use of the supplies in a blow-out kit, and it seems like a perfect time to put this newly acquired knowledge into action.

Quick and Easy Overhead Storage

Every year around this time I need to clean out the garage. I tend to kick my truck out into the driveway when things warm up, to use my bay for some project build. As the summer wears on, things just get dumped on my side of the garage, until finally I can’t stand it anymore and I’m forced to spend a weekend or two tidying up so I can park my truck indoors again. Lather, rinse, repeat. This year, […]

The finished battery bank, for better or worse. It’s good for what it is, given the design constraints, but there are plenty of things I’d do differently next time. I’d probably select a different inverter – pure sine was a waste of money, and I’d rather have more wattage. I’d also select a different charger, although Schumacher seems to have that market somewhat cornered. And if I had deeper pockets, AGM batteries would have been nice. As for a larger, […]