Controlling My Woodchips

I’m a huge fan of mulching, and living in the woods like I do, I have access to a nearly limitless source of mulching materials. The saplings that sprout up along the edges of clearings every year are perfect for making what’s called ramial chipped wood mulch, ramial referring to branches and other small diameter wood that’s still tender and soft compared to larger diameter parts of the tree.

I had a blow-out kit review performed by a “professional”. My cousin is a 1st Lieutenant in the Army, a trained combat medic, and a civilian paramedic with over 25 years of experience in one of the busiest metro areas in the country. Amongst other great conversation, I threw him my blow-out kit off my chest rig and asked for an honest assessment. Here is his candid feedback.

Field-expedient Hoop House

I paid a visit to Brother Harold’s spread this weekend for a garden tour. As usual, his superior solar aspect, soil quality, and gardening skill put my results to shame. But at least I was able to offer him zucchini and pickles. One thing I learned was that my sweet potatoes could be so much further along than they are. We planted at the same time from some of the same stock, but his plants are much happier than mine. […]

DIY Hose Manifolds and Splitters

Water. It’s critical to everything. But it’s especially important to my garden and orchard. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about transporting water from a house spigot to the end of a hose. In the case of hose, you absolutely get what you pay for. To get to the bottom of my orchard I need to transport water over 300’ – I know a thing or two about hoses. Permanent underground irrigation down to the orchard is on my […]

Tiller Hacks

I decided to go big on a few easy-to-store crops this year, rather than try to grow a lot of veggies I don’t eat, or that require even the slightest extra effort to store. A man’s got to know his limitations, and mine is not having the time or desire to learn how to can. Hopefully that’ll change someday soon, but for now, I want food that I can throw in a five gallon bucket and forget about. With that […]