I’ve been thinking about posting on this incident for a while. Even though it happened a long time ago, I still look at it as an example of when I handled myself correctly in a stressful situation that could easily have deteriorated and had a bad outcome. So this was probably 10 or 11 years back, when we only had two kids and they were still young. We were living diagonally across the street from my parents in a rented […]

Camping. Sort of.

I took the family camping this weekend for the first time ever. I mean, it was sort of camping. My parents gave us their popup camper and we went to a campground 15 minutes from the house. We had electricity, running hot water, and real bathrooms not too far away. I figured I would ease them into it gently. I even let them bring electronic devices (I had my laptop too). So it was an experiment. Lots of lessons (re)learned. […]

Curse You, Red Baron!

We had yet another violation of our sovereignty the other night, of the four-footed variety. My daughter burst into our bedroom at 1:44 AM to announce that the chickens were making alarm sounds. For those not blessed with chickens, they make a lot of different sounds, but the alarm noise is unmistakable – it sounds like panic and primal fear, which of course it is. It means, “Something is trying to eat me! Come help!” Luckily, my daughter and son […]

AAR: Power Outage

I’m sitting at my desk at 11:45 on Tuesday, minding my own business, like I always do. Clear skies, no wind, no rain, sunny and warm(ish). Everything seems normal. Then, the lights in my office went out. A split second later, I heard a loud BOOM! Uh-oh. This exact evolution has happened several times over the last 10 years here. There’s a fuse on a power pole at the corner of our road and the main road, and when something […]