One of the goals I had in starting this blog was to concentrate on the positive aspects of prepping.┬áThat’s why the byline for Applied Paranoia is “Turning fear into self-reliance and personal freedom.” It’s really easy to get hung up on how bad things are politically or economically. It’s certainly important to keep abreast of such things, but dwelling on things you can’t change is not very productive. Building freedom in your life is the only solution to oppression. But […]

My Work "Bug-in Bag"

Believe it or not, blogging doesn’t pay the bills, at least not for me. So I have to hold down a day job. Kids gotta eat. I’m lucky enough to have a job that’s perfect for telecommuting. But try as I might, I still can’t convince my managers that a full-time telecommuting arrangement would benefit not only me, but the company as well – as a rough guess, I’d say I’m at least 25% more productive at home than in […]

Another day, another death march to dusk. Except I had to call it a little earlier than dusk, on account of a roaming bear. I finished my first woody bed, and managed to get 15′ or so of the second trench dug. Good progress, but at what cost? It’s a question I ask myself all the time as I work on prep-related projects, or even just plain household maintenance work. I enjoy these projects immensely, and the feeling of accomplishment […]

Woody Bed Progress

I’m beat. Guess I’m not used to working hard. Sad thing is, I didn’t work that hard today.┬áBut, I did manage to put in a few more hours in the garden, and got the full 16′ of my first woody bed trench dug. I found a few more glacier eggs, but the digging wasn’t too bad by New England standards. I cleaned up the big pile of rocks with the tractor. Oh, how I wish I had paid the extra […]

First "Death March to Dusk" of the Season

It’s almost April, and whether there’s still snow on the ground or not, I’ve got to get started on my woody beds. Up until a few days ago, we had 6″ of fresh snow on the front yard. Luckily, I had cleared off the new garden plot a couple of weeks back, and with the sun getting higher in the sky, the snow didn’t stand much chance. I decided to see if I could make any progress today after work. […]

I had a strange encounter this morning, and like most of the stuff that happens to me, I tried to learn something from it. I’m not sure I like everything that I learned. It was about 0900, and I was working. It’s a telecommuting day for me, and I was nicely tucked into my office, cozy and warm, and busy with workaday stuff. I got an email on my phone from my buddy Pete. I haven’t heard from him in […]

I got very little sleep last night. Just couldn’t wind down – the prepper’s curse, I suppose; awareness breeds sleeplessness. So I really need to make it a quick post so I can get to bed early. Here’s a short video I did a while back on some modifications I made to one of my gun safes. It’s a Cannon safe from Tractor Supply. Nothing fancy, but it seemed like it would do the job, until I tried to stock […]