Will it Mail?

The Sequoia needs a muffler. Not big news – I noted it while I was crawling around under it in the previous owner’s driveway, and I used it as the basis for trimming $700 off the asking price. It rapidly got worse when we got it home, and it’s just too “throaty” sounding for a family truckster, IMHO. Time to replace it.

I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Crock

Last year’s attempt at lactofermented pickles was a resounding success, marred only by the whole not-making-enough problem. I ran out of pickles a few months ago, and I’ve had to make do with the soggy, vinegary, sorry excuses for pickles I can get in the store. A sad state of affairs indeed. Building on last year’s success, I went large on the pickle patch this year.


Ever since I got the news that the frame on my truck was going to be replaced, I’ve had the idea kicking around my head that I should take the opportunity to add a vehicle to our fleet that can actually hold all of us. We’re a family of five, and the kids have been jammed three across in the back seat of Mrs. P’s 4Runner since the day Ginger came home from the hospital.

Just Add Water

I woke up at 4:00 AM today, thanks to Gambit the World’s Smartest Dog. My son made the mistake of attempting a furtive trip to the bathroom, which set Gambit to growling. Like he’s never seen the lad before. I think he’s hard of seeing – the dog, that is.

I hate cell phones, but I’ve always carried one for safety and convenience. When smartphones came out, I could see the utility of having the interwebz in your pocket, but the high cost of the phone and the ridiculous monthly service charges had me sticking with my craptastic pay-as-you-go biscuit phone for years. When I finally gave in and got a smartphone almost three years ago, I was appalled at having to pay $70 a month for a single line […]