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“Paranoia is just having access to all the facts.”

The Unknown Prepper
The Unknown Prepper

Call me a prepper, call me a survivalist, call me a lunatic – it doesn’t matter. What I am is a husband, a father, an average American guy trying to plot a course through an America that isn’t the same as the one my parents handed to me, and the one I came of age in.

I started waking up about seven years ago, and I’ve gone through most of the natural stages of adjustment. It started with terror, leading to concentration on acquisition of the three Bs – bean, bullets and bandaids. I’ve progressed into seeking the fourth and fifth Bs – brains and building community.

This blog will touch on all five of those topics, but really concentrate on the last two. I decided to start blogging about my efforts in an attempt to both share what I’ve learned, and to start building a virtual community of people interested in self-sufficiency and independence. Of all the things I’ve learned over the last seven years, knowing that I have others to learn from and lean on have been the most valuable. I hope this blog can bring a little bit of that feeling to its readers.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip through my neck of the woods (Spokane/N Idaho). I never knew there were garbanzo fields around Moscow. And I like to think I’m observant/prepared. I escaped from back east — via a circuitous route — to this area, arriving in the late 70s. It was about ’78 that I was informed the world as we know it would be coming to an end, probably in my lifetime. Well, I’m not too happy that things aren’t quite as easy peasy as I would have liked — living a nice quiet life in denial, and minding my own business in the country…I hope to have time to look through some more of your writings as time allows.


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