Failed Can

I’m not one to shy away from using a canned good long past its “Best By” date, but somewhere around 6-12 months past that date, the cans start to get extra scrutiny. Today I pulled a can of Evaporated Milk that had fallen out of rotation. The “Best By” date was “12/08/2011”. Over 2 years past the Best By date. Oops! This can was going to get some serious scrutiny. I pulled off the label, evaluated all the seams, and […]

(Battery) Bank Failure

I got a comment the other day on my YouTube channel that reminded me to do a job that I had been long neglecting. I’m glad I did, because it pointed out yet another hole in my preps. The comment was about my Battery Bank build series of videos, and asked if the 600W inverter would handle the compressor start-up surge for my fridge. Before I built the battery bank, I bought a Kill-A-Watt meter and did a little monitoring […]

Squirreled Away

I’ve found a lot of strange stuff when cutting up trees for firewood. I run into the occasional nail or piece of barbed wire – seems like nearly every tree in New England was used for a fence post at one time or another. Rocks are pretty common – they get caught up in the bark as the tree grows, and they make for quite a fireworks show when the chainsaw finds them. I also managed to perfect bisect a […]

We had a cold snap awhile back, and it caused some problems around the homestead. One was a cracked fuel line on my tractor, which necessitated draining the fuel from the tank. Unfortunately, the drain pan I used was a bit grungy, and snow melting off the tractor further contaminated the fuel. At $4.25 a gallon, I wasn’t inclined to just throw away 2 gallons of fuel, but it was dirty as sin. What to do?

Dead of Winter

Serious winter weather swept into New England a couple of days ago. As uncomfortable and dangerous as it is, it’s a good way to find weak points in your preps. It started on New Year’s Day, with a light evening snow. By Thursday morning, the snow was heavier, but nothing major – eventually only about 7″ of the predicted foot fell. The real story was the cold. The temperature started falling Thursday night, and when I got up on Friday […]