November 2014

I had a blow-out kit review performed by a “professional”. My cousin is a 1st Lieutenant in the Army, a trained combat medic, and a civilian paramedic with over 25 years of experience in one of the busiest metro areas in the country. Amongst other great conversation, I threw him my blow-out kit off my chest rig and asked for an honest assessment. Here is his candid feedback.

Field Report: Sweet Potato Pie

The day before Thanksgiving was an all-day snow event – something like 16 straight hours of snow. Accumulation wise, not terribly impressive at only about eight inches, but it was really sopping wet, heavy stuff. Perfect for snowball fights, which I had with the kids, and also perfect for plugging up the driveway with a solid cake of snow that can become the proverbial immovable object. As powerful as my little tractor is, it hardly qualifies as an irresistible force, so […]

Storm Preps

Yesterday morning. 0300 hours. I wake up to an unfamiliar sound – a strange blaring siren somewhere in the house. My first thought is, “Well that was a nice, cozy three hour night of sleep.” The unfamiliar sound turned out to be the alert tone on my new weather radio, triggered by the fine insomniacs at the Albany office of the National Weather Service, who decided that it was absolutely critical that everyone with a weather alert radio know right […]

Paranoid Parrot Comes Home

Of all the things a normal person doesn’t want to see when coming home after being out for some errands without the kids, a police cruiser in the driveway is pretty much up there on the list. Imagine what it was like for Mr. Paranoid when that was what happened last night. To be fair, we don’t really have a normal driveway layout. We’re 800′ off the road, and it’s not like the cruiser was sitting up at the garage door with […]