It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

And all I wanted to do was get to bed early. As usual, big mistake. Something always happens when I make a conscious effort to get to bed early. Usually the dog barks, or something messes with the chickens. Or, like last night, a tree falls on the house.

falling tree security camera footage
Security camera footage.

There’s no mistaking the sound of a couple of tons of tree hitting the ground, and when it hits your house too, it’s pretty damn scary. The wind was howling last night, and it had been raining hard all day, so I knew right away I wasn’t getting much sleep.

I also knew what tree it was before I even looked. I’ve been eyeing a dead hemlock off the northwest corner of the house for years. I knew it needed to come down, but I don’t trust my tree falling skills in tight quarters – it’s only about 30′ from the house. A 12″ diameter tree falling on the house would be a Very Bad Thing, but still, having to shell out a grand for a tree company to come in and remove it stuck in my frugal Yankee gullet. As so the tree stood for years.

falling tree damage
Close call.

Until last night, that is. The tree fell almost perfectly – if the wind had been a couple of degrees closer to the north it would have destroyed the front porch at a minimum. Worst case, it could have taken out my son’s bedroom, and maybe even him in his┬ábed. Someone was looking out for us last night, yet again.

As it is, the only damage is the porch gutter, which got ripped off by some of the upper branches of the tree. I managed to get all the brush trimmed and chipped this afternoon after work, and the trunk is cut up and waiting to be hauled away tomorrow. A length of gutter from Home Depot this weekend, and by Monday it’ll look like it never even happened.


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  1. Thankfully you all are safe! As for tree felling I am no expert, but I did assist a gentleman on felling multiple trees in close proximity (<20ft) to a large garage. We used come-alongs. We threw the come-along rope over the upper branches and either tied it off to a neighboring tree or used a spike in the ground. We made a small back cut and then slowly cranked on the come-along until we heard the wood start to give (and then high-tailed it). We could direct the tree away from structures or other trees this way. Just a suggestion and a simple and effective option for those of us who aren't experts : )


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