July 2014

I finally got my replacement laptop charger – thought for sure I’d paid the $3.99 extra to get it here on Monday, but alas. Lesson learned – I need a backup plan for my laptop. It’s getting on in years – it was released in 2009 – and I’ve already had to deal with one hard drive crash and replacement. Plus it was only a $400 machine in the first place. Time to move up. A few things that I […]

Short story: my laptop power supply died, and I don’t have a spare. One is none, right? Amazon Prime to the rescue, but not soon enough – Wednesday. I don’t fancy posting too often from my phone, and Mrs. P. won’t give up the Kindle, so I guess I’ll take a few days off. That’ll give the batch of pickles I started today a little time to start fermenting, and maybe some of the cover cropping I did this weekend […]

Nasty Ends

There’s a rash of rotten butt going around the Paranoia Palace all of a sudden, both animal and vegetable. And I’ve got to get to the bottom of it. Really? First the plant kingdom: Mrs. P. and I noticed some oddly shaped zucchini when we were perusing the garden the other day. Most of the fruits are still small, and a lot of them had squishy, elongated, yellowed tips at the end where the flower was attached: We culled all […]

Accidental Trap Cropping

Mrs. Paranoid often says that she has the soul of an Italian grandmother, because she loves to cook for people. But based on my observations, I’d say it’s more likely she has the soul of a WWII Marine who did a stint in the Pacific Theater, because she clearly hates Japanese. Beetles, that is. Once the Japanese beetles and other mid-summer bugs come out, she spends time each day collecting and drowning them in a bucket of soapy water, with […]

Don't Think Different

I seem normal to me. Well, maybe “normal” is a little too strong a word. But I’m at least reasonable, I think. But apparently that’s not how the world sees me. Case in point: a couple of days ago, Mrs. P and I took our daughter for her first follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist after her onset of diabetes. As usual with doctor appointments, we talk about what we want to accomplish – questions we need answered, prescriptions we need […]

Plugging Holes

We’ve had a lot of power outages lately. Looking back at my generator run records – yep, I’m that guy – I can see we’ve had one outage a month for the last three months. Every time it’s that same dodgy cutout fuse that blows, and leaves us in the dark for three hours or so. I don’t consider that a good reliability record, so I’ve started the futile process of complaining about it. I called the power company, and […]

Protein versus Carbs

Since my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in March, I haven’t written that much about diabetes preparedness. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been prepping, of course, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts on food preps for the diabetic. As always, I’m not offering any medical advice here – I’m just telling you what I’m doing to get our pantry in order. It’s probably a good time to brush up on my disclaimer. For the uninitiated, Type […]

Faithful APB reader and modern pioneer MattDaddy recently commented: “HOWEVER dear sir I’m concerned that you’ll never get out of CT and to ID where you really want to be if you continue to increase your output and energy in your current situation (I say this with all due respect and affection). I saw that you took stock of your “halfway to your halfway” point and you gave yourself an honest review. I’d think at some point you’d have to […]

Backyard Medicine Cabinet: Plantain to the Rescue

My oldest daughter should really not be allowed to use dangerous things. Like glue guns. Apparently, those things are really hot. And last night, she managed to deposit a bit of glue on her fingers. She did the right thing – cold water, and plenty of it. Still, being glue it stuck pretty fast, and despite her quick action she got a couple of partial-thickness burns – what they used to call second degree. They weren’t that big, but being […]

Midsummer Garden Review

In the spirit of reviewing progress against goals, I decided to take a look around the homestead and see how things are growing. Turns out that I actually may be figuring out how to grow stuff finally. Last year was an all-around disappointment in the garden, but I learned from my mistakes and took a different course this year. I didn’t completely throw in the towel and rip out my woody beds like I planned, and I’m glad I didn’t, […]