Portable Battery Bank, version 2.0

A quick video showing my test of components for the next version of my portable battery bank. Version 1.0 was a bust – even though it was nicely laid out and well engineered, the inverter was terribly undersized. As built, the bank was not capable of starting any of the refrigerators in the house, and was basically good for not much more than running a string of Christmas lights. Pretty disappointing.

In this test, I was able to show that I can run our small backup fridge for more than 14 hours and barely budge the voltmeter on the battery bank. That’s really encouraging – being able to keep that fridge running that long on an 80° day translates into the potential for very long stretches between generator runs to top off the batteries. And hopefully I’ll find that the batteries recharge relatively quickly, which of course would minimize the amount of time the generator would need to run. Long times between short runs – that’s good for fuel use, OPSEC, generator wear and tear, and overall system reliability.

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