March 2014

Ummm... Maybe Not

It appears I was a bit hasty in blaming coyotes for the attack on my chicken coop. We at APB do not stand for species-ism, and blaming one species when another is entirely to blame for a heinous act such as this is unacceptable. We therefore apologize wholeheartedly and without reservation to the Canidae-American community. Rest assured that the offending author will undergo weeks of intensive cultural sensitivity training, right after he finishes his state-mandated hunter’s safety course this week. […]

Silver Certificate

I went out to lunch this afternoon with my wife and afterwards went to indulge my rare, but sinful desire for Aunt Annie’s cinnamon pretzel bites…hmmm, sugary buttery doughy goodness… So I went into my wallet to cough up the $4.17…wait, $4 for pretzel bites? WTF?! I told you it was a rare indulgence, but boy has our little New England mall gotten mighty pretentious lately. Anyway, I pulled 4 dollar bills from my wallet and as I was about […]

Tacticool Diabetes

Let the diabetes preps begin! Type 1 diabetics need to have their insulin supplies with them at all times. They set up pretty well before we left the hospital – insulin, pen injectors, blood glucose meter, and emergency supplies. They put it all in a pretty cool little lunch-box sized pack – pink camo, no less. It goes everywhere Ginger goes now. Not good enough. After all, one is none.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a busy week – that tends to happen when you discover that your kid is a diabetic. I started a long post about this, with all the gory details – the ambulance rides, the ER, pediatric ICU (pro tip: if you ever have occasion to be in a PICU, keep your eyes fixed forward and do not look into the rooms unless you have a heart of stone. You have been […]

APB started nearly a year ago, but its origins go a little deeper than that. Back quite a few years now, a small group of guys started feeling each other out on how we each saw the world. Everyone played pretty close to the vest, keeping opsec in mind, but pretty soon we were opening up just a little and sending each other emails on topics of common interest. That group has grown closer over the years to the point […]

Bug-out Buckets, Part 2

In Part One of this post, I covered the rationale behind my idea for bug-out buckets. Briefly, these are buckets for personal supplies that might be needed in a forced, rapid evacuation of the house. The canonical scenario is a house fire – middle of the night, out into the cold with the shirt on your back and nothing else. Each family member gets a bucket stocked with warm clothes, shoes, and lighting, and the buckets will be stored in […]

As I went to bed last night just before midnight, my thoughts were of finally leaving this seemingly months-long February behind. In mere minutes, I would be safely delivered into the caring bosom of March, and leave this awful winter behind, climatologically if not astronomically. The only trick left was to make it safely through the night and wake up on the right side of the dirt in the morning. It was a close call.