Mr. Paranoid Meets Mr. Funnel

We had a cold snap awhile back, and it caused some problems around the homestead. One was a cracked fuel line on my tractor, which necessitated draining the fuel from the tank. Unfortunately, the drain pan I used was a bit grungy, and snow melting off the tractor further contaminated the fuel. At $4.25 a gallon, I wasn’t inclined to just throw away 2 gallons of fuel, but it was dirty as sin. What to do?

Enter Mr. Funnel from Flo-Rite, a funnel with a built-in filter that purports to filter out water and other gunk. Brother Harold recommended it, so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s the field test video:

I’m pretty pleased with it – that’s a whole lotta gunk that won’t be going into the tractor. Actually, the filtered fuel went into my heating oil tank – I figured that diluting the 2 gallons of filtered fuel in 200 gallons of #2 is a bit safer than putting it in my 7 gallon tractor fuel tank.

At $21 or so on Amazon, it seems like a good purchase. If it saves a couple of clogged filters, it’ll probably pay for itself.

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  1. Br0therH@rold

    Yeah, I like these things – they’re great. But you do have to periodically function check them with a bottle of water like you did. While very well built, they don’t last forever, especially if they are exposed to sub-zero temps. The expansion/contraction of the plastic and the stainless filter element eventually causes the seals to leak. I try to keep mine in the garage where it rarely falls below freezing.


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