1. Br0therH@rold

    BUT, but! It requires electricity! How are you going to keep your zombie blades sharp when the power is out?! Haha.
    Anyway, I admit that’s a pretty neat system. In defense of simple ceramic rods and other stones, they work fantastically well and quickly….when you don’t let an edge get as bad as you let yours get… 😛

    1. APB

      Learning to put a surgical edge on a good-quality chisel or plane iron with just waterstones is a skill I’ve longed to master. And I like the idea of the ceramic sharpening rods for knives – the idea that you get the correct angle just by keeping the blade vertical appeals to me. But in reality, manual sharpening requires patience, which is something I lack in abundance. So the belt sander approach is a good substitute for patience, and it really is the method of choice for professional sharpeners, at least for knives. And the Work Sharp is good enough to get an edge that will shave my arm – I know because I just tried.

      What I’d really like to have is this outfit from Grizzly. But that’s pretty pricey for a tool that can only really do knives. Suppose I’d have to start a knife sharpening business to justify it. Hmmm….

      And yeah, it’s electric, but a dinky little motor like that doesn’t take that many electrons to run, and I know how to do that pretty well. Hell, it could probably run off my battery bank for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll get a chance to practice that when TPTB bring the grid down for their November false-flag operation to usher in the NWO.

      Or not.


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