Corps of Discovery 2013, by the Numbers

We kept pretty careful records during our trip, so I decided to break everything down to see how much we spent, and what we spent it on. It’s how I roll.

  • Total distance driven, miles: 6,735.6
  • Total number of days on the road: 12
  • Average distance per day, miles: 561.3
  • Maximum distance in a day, miles: 799.0, first day out
  • Average time spent in the car, hours: 9 hours, 29 minutes
  • Longest driving day, hours: 13 hours 45 minutes – Spokane to Bozeman
  • Total gas used, gallons: 282
  • Total spent of gas, USD: $946
  • Least expensive gas, USD/gallon: $3.299, in Cambridge, OH. Probably mostly ethanol.
  • Most expensive gas, USD/gallon: $3.759, charged by Hertz for a prefilled tank in CT.
  • Average gas price, USD/gallon: $3.614
  • Mileage, miles/gallon: 23.88
  • Total paid in tolls, USD: $53.70
  • Total driving time, hours: 113 hours 49 minutes
  • Average moving speed, miles/hour: 62.8
  • Total number of states visited: 17 (CT, NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, WA, SD, WY, IA, WV, NJ)
  • Total number of states spotted during the “License Plate Game”: 49 – guess people from Vermont don’t get out much. We’ve been back almost two weeks and I haven’t even seen one around here, and it’s only one state away. And in a weird twist, we spotted both Alaska and Hawaii in the parking lot of our hotel in Spokane. Proximity to an Air Force base probably helped that.
  • Greatest number of states visited in a single day: 6 (IA, IL, IN, OH, WV, and PA), on the second to the last day of the return trip.
  • Total number of hotel rooms: 8 (IN, ND, SD, IA and PA for one night each; MT for two nights in two different hotels; and WA for 4 nights)
  • Worst hotel room: Coraopolis (PA) Embassy Suites, outside of Pittsburgh. Is it really a non-smoking hotel when they’re hosting a wedding and huge crowds of party-goers are crowding every possible entrance and exit to smoke as many cigarettes as possible as fast as possible? I think not.
  • Most expensive hotel room, USD/night:  $156 in Coraopolis, PA. Go figure.
  • Least expensive hotel room, USD/night: $101 in Elkhart, IN. Did I mention that Indiana smells bad?
  • Average hotel room cost, USD/night: $135
  • Total cost for hotels, USD: $1,354
  • Total cost for rental car, USD: $769, including a 12.63% tax AND a $14 surcharge!!
  • Cost per mile driven (includes rental, gas and tolls), USD: $0.26
  • Total food costs, USD: $419. Nearly a quarter of the food budget was spent on one meal, in a rib and chop house in Billings. It was worth every cent.
  • Food costs, per person per day, USD: $6.98. That’s like $2.50 per person per meal. The key was limiting our restaurant meals to just a few and stocking the cooler with fixings for sandwiches. A typical stop at Walmart was about $30, and the food we bought would often last for two driving days. Having a full kitchen at the base camp was also a help.
  • Total cost per day (transportation, food, lodging), USD: $295
  • Total cost of trip, USD: $3,543

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