Portable Battery Bank Build, Part 1

I hate my generator. There, I said it.

My generator is a great big old Briggs and Stratton branded Generac – 13.5kW surge, 8kW running, 240/120V. Big, heavy, and LOUD. It ties into a subpanel I had installed while we were building the house, knowing that not having a way to pump the well was not a good idea for a homestead. The generator powers the well, plus the fridge and deep-freeze, the furnace and air handlers, and a few lights and outlets around the house. It does all that admirably, but at the cost of sucking down way too much gasoline. And did I mention that it’s loud?

After a few real power outages during various hurricanes and winter storms gave me enough experience with trying to run a house on a generator, it became apparent that there has to be a better way. I started mulling over a battery bank, and eventually built one based on the information Steven Harris provided on his Survival Podcast appearances last year. I decide to make mine portable, and ended up with a compact bank built into a large rolling toolbox.

Check out the first part of the build:


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