When Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

When Mother Nature gets pissed, nobody wins:

I always miss the good storms for some reason. This one was no exception – I was sitting at work when this thunderstorm cropped up. I just watched the recordings from the security cameras, and it was pretty violent.

I’m not sure how much we lost here, but time will tell. I’ve seen entire fields of corn lodged and torn to pieces by hail, and they bounced back. I hope Mother Nature shows me the same mercy here.

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  1. APB

    Most of the lodged stalks came back up within a couple of days, so that’s a relief. Now I’m concerned with how unhappy the corn looks. Compared to the local fields of feed corn, which are a deep, dark green, my corn looks pale and yellow. Looks like it needs some nitrogen. I sprayed some fish emulsion on this morning, so hopefully it’ll perk up a bit. If not, maybe some blood meal.


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