Corn’s Knee-High

Yep, it’s the 4th of July and the corn is up to my knee. Most of it, anyway. There are always some stragglers, and some overachievers.

I planted a patch of Cascade Ruby-Gold, a flint corn from Carol Deppe. I wanted a field corn for corn meal and corn flour –  finding locally grown field corn is next to impossible, but I can buy sweet corn from the local farmer’s market cheaper than I can grow it, and support local farmers. That is, until I found out that sweet corn and I no longer get along digestively. Ahem.

With the corn getting tall, I had to come up with a better arrangement for irrigation. I went with overhead irrigation this year, instead of the soaker hoses I’ve been using. Yeah, it’s less efficient, but I wasn’t in the mood to run the soaker lines, so a couple of good quality sprinklers are better than nothing. Besides, the run of rainy weather we’ve been having has obviated the need for irrigation, for the most part.


Here’s what I came up with. It’s just a couple of T-posts driven in between rows, up about 5 feet. I drilled two holes through a piece of 2×4 with a 1-1/2″ Forstner bit, then screwed that to a piece of 2×8. The T-posts go in the holes, the sprinkler goes on top, and the thing works great.

I’m surprised how much more area is covered by the sprinkler now. It really lofts the water. In fact, I had to limit the sweep to prevent watering too far outside the ends of the garden. There’s a considerable amount of overwatering on the sides, though, but that’s fine with the kids: it’s a great place to cool off.

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