Adding a Simple Pump to the Well

About a year ago, I decided to get a real manual backup for my submersible well pump. I had fiddled around with a homemade thing, just a sump pump foot valve on the end of a string of PVC pipes connected with threaded fittings. The idea is to take the well cap off, stick the string down into the well, and push up and down until water starts coming out. It works, but it’s quite a workout, and all you can really do is fill a few buckets.

Clearly, I needed a better solution. I did my research and decided on Simple Pump. It really seemed to be the best quality overall, and I liked the fact that it’s able to pump into pressure, so you can actually charge your existing water system and use your fixtures like normal. I also like the option to motorize the pump and run it off 12 volts – solar, anyone?

But the clincher was pricing. Not cheap by any means, but the quality of the components and the engineering is clear, and you get what you pay for. But the best part was a their family and friends program: buy more than one pump at a time and get them shipped to the same address, and get a discount on the pumps and shipping. I was able to convince a friend to order at the same time, so we took advantage of the program and saved quite a bit.

I made a video of the installation process, which was pretty straightforward, although I did hit some snags. The video is a little longish, but covers a few problems you might have if you decide to install a Simple Pump yourself.

Good folks there at Simple Pump, too. Always ready to answer questions, and very quick to reply to emails. Check them out – having a viable way to get water out of your well without running a generator is a huge peace of mind factor, and I was really glad to tick this one off my worry list.

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