If you listen to podcasts and read blogs where preppers talk about martial arts training, it’s almost always from the perspective of someone who has been training for years. It’s usually a Black Belt who after years of study, sweat, blood, bruises, tears and possibly a few broken bones, reflects romantically on his journey and espouses the virtues. However, most experienced martial artists whom I’ve heard on this topic often sound like they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a […]

Survival Sourdough

My youngest decided a few weeks ago that she wanted us to try baking some sourdough bread. It’s not wise to cross a red-head, and I love sourdough, so I readily agreed and started looking for recipes. I couldn’t find my old recipe – I had a string of sourdough attempts a few years ago, and managed to keep a starter alive for a few months before losing interest in the project. As with most everything I do, there was […]

Generator Hack

Being the first weekend of the month, today was generator maintenance day. The usual monthly procedure is to haul the genny out, run it under load for 20 minutes or so, and put it away. I also take the opportunity to do my monthly gas swap procedure to keep my supply fresh. I’m pretty good about the monthly maintenance, but I’ve been a little lax on the longer interval stuff. I’ve been overdue for an oil change for a while, […]

New England Lemons?

One of my earliest fears about SHTF was lack of access to vitamin C. As with most medical topics, a little information is a dangerous thing, and I naturally extrapolated what I knew about vitamin C deficiency into a disaster scenario where my kids succumb to scurvy for want of proper nutrition. I thought, “There’s no way to grow citrus in New England! We’re doomed!”

Blow-out Kit - First Attempt

After my recent fight with my chainsaw, which thankfully I won, I decided that I shouldn’t participate in any potentially limb-severing homestead activities until properly equipped for self rescue. Brother Harold and I took a rescue course some months back where we learned the proper use of the supplies in a blow-out kit, and it seems like a perfect time to put this newly acquired knowledge into action.

Homestead Corn Muffins

I’m feeling “nesty” today. I guess it’s the combination of cleaning the house in preparation for my favorite holiday, plus the pouring rain outside. Or maybe I’m pregnant. I want to try to include as much of the meager yield of produce as possible from this year’s effort into our Thanksgiving feast. With that in mind, yesterday I ground some corn meal from the small amount of field corn I was able to harvest. I planted Cascade Ruby-Gold flint corn, […]

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, I discussed a few of my thoughts on preventing infection from a pandemic flu virus, and a few options for treatment in the austere environment created by a self-imposed (or government-mandated) quarantine. Now I’d like to tie everything together with a coherent plan to deal with a pandemic. Even if you’re not convinced that a pandemic is a metaphysical certainty like I am, the preps you put in place for a […]

A little out of season, and an appalling waste of a precious resource to any prepper’e eye: This had to be an all-nighter, and was only called into the PD at around noon the next day – I heard it on the scanner. The responding officer sounded duly impressed. Not sure what the complainant thought LE was going to do about it, though. And they say kids these days are slackers – behold the work ethic here, however misguided it […]